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Elevate your business by offering benefits whether you are a Solo Entrepreneurs or a Large Company.

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Where will the money come from when major life events happen or you simply wish to retire?
Secure your future and wealth with cutting-edge solutions for sickness, death, and retirement planning.

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Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, independent contractor, or your employer lacks benefits, 
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Over 40 Carriers allows for customizing your benefits 
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Legacy Planning Services

Loved ones are overwhelmed when a loved one becomes critically ill and/or passes away.  
Stories, geneology and family history can be lost forever. 

Advisor specialists can assist family members in time of need.

Assists our members and families:

  • Survivor support
  • Assistance finding funeral homes

And more!

    Emergency Response & End of Life Planning

Wills, Power of Attorneys, Health Directives
Wills alone are not enough to avoid probate. Often, monetary accounts and assets may be frozen &/or tied up until financial institutions & courts determine who has legal rights to access.  WATCH VIDEO

Revocable Living Trusts can provide a smooth transition along with easy access to bank accounts and assets quickly.  Many estate plans do not set up accounts or have to pay high fees to attorneys when changes are needed.  

Here, there are unique Estate Planning services you don't see with other systems. You can be in control and easier than you think without seeing attorneys everytime something needs to be updated or changed, saving you time and money!. 

 Estate Planning

 Keeping important information handy in one location simplifies tough times like wills, final wishes, stories, history and cherished memories.

Allows members to record their:

And more!

Documentation Portal

Here, we believe in helping people leave a legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone. 

Most of these services are available at NO COST for our participating members and provided by our special service providers


  We are licensed life, health and financial agent advisors.

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